Tenant FAQ

Can I rent a property "sight unseen"?

Yes. Although we do encourage our prospective clients to personally inspect the rental before they take a decision. You can also ask a family member or a trusted friend to inspect the property for you.

How can I schedule a showing for a property that I'm interested in renting?

You can schedule a showing yourself using the informaiton and link in the description of each property listing on our website. You will need to register at www.rently.com. Some properties have an electronic lock box that you can use to visit the property at your own convenience. Other properties you will schedule a showing with an agent, who will then meet you at the property for the showing, You can contact us through our office's main phone line 505-265-1241 with any question or to set up an agent showing directly.

How can I become a tenant?

Every applicant wishing to live in one of our properties must be over 18-years-old, submit a detailed application form, and pay the $30 non-refundable fee. Keep in mind that your fees must be canceled before your application is processed.

What kind of lease do I have to sign?

We have a very detailed lease that breaks up our relationship with our tenants as well as covering up their responsibilities with us. The length of the lease can vary depending on the property, but for single-family houses it usually lasts 12 months. For our clients' convenience, lease signings can be done either electronically or by appointment, depending on the property. Once your application has been processed, your fees have been received, the lease is signed, and you've paid the first month's rent or pro-rated rent, you will be handed the keys to the property and can move in immediately.

How much do I have to pay for the deposit?

We usually only require a month's rent as the security deposit. However, this must be paid in full before you're able to move in.

When is the rent due?

The rent must be paid on the first day of each month. After the midnight of the first day of the month your rent is considered late, but you have a grace period that goes until the fifth day to pay it. If you still haven't paid the monthly rent by the time we've closed the office on the fifth day you will have to pay an additional 10% late fee. This also applies if the fifth day falls on the weekend, so make sure you catch up with the rest before the weekend arrives.

How can I pay the rent?

There are several quick and easy ways available to pay the rent. The quickest and most convenient way is to pay online through our online payment system. You can sign up through our website or request a flyer from our office. If you have cash you can bring it to our office during office hours to receive a receipt. To pay by personal check or money order you can bring it into our office or if it is after business hours you can drop it into our drop slot next to our front door. If you drop your payment off please make sure that it is in an envelope that details your address and unit number. You may mail your payment to us at our office address

I'm late on the rent but I take good care of the property. Could you overlook my late charges?

We don't make exceptions for any tenant. The Fair Housing laws demand that we treat each tenant the same way and without showing any favoritism. That's why we can't make an exception for you and waive late charges even if you are a model resident.

What if I don't pay the rent when it's due?

If you can't pay the rent you should call our office and notify us RIGHT AWAY. We take missing payments very seriously and will start the eviction procedure if you don't communicate with us to solve the issue.

How often and by how much can the rent be increased? Is there a limit to how much the rent can be increased?

This is a common misunderstanding. We never increase the rent until the original lease contract has expired. Even then we only make reasonable increases, depending on the current state of the market or at the property owner's request. Once the lease has expired or if you're on a month-to-month contract, an increase can be considered with a 30 days written notification.

How can I schedule a home repair?

Repair requests that aren't considered emergencies can be requested through our office's phone line, by sending an email or by doing a maintenance request through our website.

What if I have plumbing issues?

Plumbing problems can become emergencies if not dealt with quickly. Make sure that you turn off the water source and that you contact us as soon as you can to schedule a repair visit. If you have a leak or other kind of plumbing emergency, call the office right away to talk directly with our staff and see how we can deal with the problem. If you're calling after office hours do so through our main line and and pick the option for emergencies to talk to a staff member.

What if the smoke detector starts beeping uncontrollably?

If the smoke detector keeps beeping without smoke it's probably because it's running out of battery. In most cases, you can buy new batteries in your local supermarket and install them yourself. But if you can't reach the smoke detector, whether it's because of vaulted ceilings or other reason, you should call our office and request a repairman. NEVER DISCONNECT YOUR SMOKE DETECTOR AS IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO SO.

What if I lost the keys of my unit and can't get in?

We don't consider lockouts an emergency. During office hours you can come to the office and borrow a spare set of keys to your unit, but these must be returned within 24 hours or you will have to pay to re-key the property. On the other hand, if you're locked out after we've closed, you will have to call a locksmith and pay him yourself.

What if I have an emergency after hours?

We have an emergency line that you can call anytime you need immediate assistance. When calling our office phone number choose the emergency option and you will be directed to a line where our staff is ready to assist you. When using this line keep in mind that the terms of the lease define an emergency as a situation related to the property that directly affects or threaten your health or safety. Don't call this line to report non-emergency repairs.

What would be considered an emergency?

A good example of an emergency would be a broker heater. During the winter during freezing weather it wouldn't be considered an emergency and it would be given the utmost priority. Air Conditioner breakdowns are not considered an emergency but we do our best to have them repaired on the next business day. Other examples include a clogged sewer line that is flooding the house, a broken water pipe, a gas leak, etc. Losing the keys of your unit is not an emergency.

Do I have to pay for the maintenance of the property?

Depends. Normally we pay the costs of maintaining the property, but you will be charged if the maintenance issues were caused by your own neglect. You can also be charged for a service called if you missed the appointment with one of our repairmen.

Can the manager or his representatives, like repair or maintenance crews, enter the property when I'm not there?

According to the terms of the lease, there are several situations under which the property managers or maintenance crews can enter the property without the tenant being present. Anybody authorized by the landlord can enter the property at reasonable hours of the day to carry out important tasks like emergency repairs, showing off the property to potential future buyers/tenants, fire marshalls, insurance agents, appraisers, or any other official or professional that needs to inspect it.

Anytime we need to enter a property we make sure to alert our tenants by leaving a written notice 24-hours in advance. We will also try to contact you directly, according to the terms of the lease, to notify you and schedule our visit if possible. However we don't give sets of keys to vendors to carry out repairs, so you must schedule the job accordingly and be there when the vendors arrive to carry out the repairs. The exception to the rule will be if there are no tenants at the property but they've given us permission to give a key to a vendor to do the needed repairs.

Should I get renters insurance?

Yes. We recommend all of our tenants to get a renters insurance policy before they move into one of our properties to make sure that their valuables are protected from damage, fire, or other unforeseen peril.

Do I have to take care of the lawn?

Our tenants have the responsibility to keep the property in good shape, which means that unless it's stated on the lease it is your job to take care of the yard. This includes watering it regularly as well as mowing and weeding it when necessary. During autumn and the winter, you must also make sure that you clean all the fall leaf and remove the snow from your sidewalks and driveways. Taking good care of the lawn will save you money and trouble in the long run. Letting the grass die means that you will have to re-sod the yard again or be charged for the service.

I am a frequent smoker. Can I smoke inside the rental house or anywhere inside the property?

No. Our lease agreements don't condone smoking inside the property. Depending on the terms of the lease you may not smoke anywhere in the property at all, so make sure to read your contract beforehand.

Can I sublease my rental apartment to a friend?

No. Any form of subleasing is prohibited by our terms of service. If you are planning to re-lease your apartment contact our office to get more information about it.

Can I get a roommate after I signed the lease agreement?

Yes, you can. But any additional residents have to be approved by the management first, so your prospective roommate has to submit an application form, paying the application fees, and go through the same backgrounds checks as you did before he can move into the property. Moving a roommate into the apartment without having fulfilled the application process is a serious violation of the terms of the lease and may result in the cancellation of your lease, so make sure you follow the appropriate procedure to the letter.

What if my roommate moves out of the rental before the lease is over?

If a roommate moves out of the property before the lease ends you have to send a written notice to our office asking to remove the roommate. This notice has to be signed by all the rental's occupants as every occupant is held responsible, both singularly and jointly, for the rent. You need written permission from the office if you're planning to substitute your old roommate for a new one.

What if I have a pet or buy an additional one after I move in?

CPC requires listing of all animals/pets of any size, kind, or breed. If you have an animal/pet, contact CPC to find out if there are any restrictions on pets, size or how many animals/pets are allowed at the property that you are interested in. CPC and/or the owner must approve all pets. If the pet is approved, there is a required one-time pet fee ranging from $100 to $325 per pet and monthly pet rent may be charged. These fees will vary depending on the screening score of the pets. All pets must be properly licensed, have shots and be spayed or neutered. Breeds with a disposition for aggressive behavior are prohibited. Be prepared to provide a picture of the pet and vaccination records. Applicants are required to complete a pet screening for each of their pets or service/companion animals prior to final application approval. Pet screenings are $20 for the first pet and $15 for additional pets. Service/companion animals are free. Please go to our third-party pet screening service at https://www.petscreening.com/referral/g9ZnXQDu1LS3 to complete the screening.The benefits of registering your pet with a pet screening service are huge, as online pet screening allows you to consolidate the paperwork required to manage your pet’s complicated life all in one place. Your personal pet profile includes: photos, vaccinations, microchip, training and behavioral traits, as well as a special section for service/companion animals. You will love easily sharing this information with all of the service providers in your pet’s life, including pet sitters, doggie daycares, groomers veterinarians and animal hospitals.

Can I change the color of the walls?

Any change to the state of the property can only be done with the approval of management. If you want to change the color of the walls you need to contact our office and submit a written request. Your request should detail which rooms you want to paint and what color you're planning to use so we can discuss the matter with the owner. If the landlord gives his consent you can paint the walls, but you may have to restore them back to their original color before you move out.

What if I need to change the locks or add new ones?

Don't change them yourself! Re-keying the rental without management permission is a serious violation of the lease terms. If you need to re-key, add new locks, repair them, or replace the property's security devices you must submit a written request to our office. Any re-keying or change to the security devices in the property must be paid by the tenant beforehand and can only be installed by contractors who are authorized by the management.

What if I want a satellite dish?

It depends on your property's requirements. Call our office to get additional information on whether you can put a satellite antenna on your rental.

I'm planning on moving out. How many months do I need to give my notice to vacate?

You have to send a written notice to our office that you're planning on moving out 30 days before the date of the end of the lease or the month in which you're moving out. The notice must be received at our office before the last day of the month, as the 30-day period will start the next month. The notice period is not necessarily 30 days as it lasts from the start of a month to the last day of the month. You can't give a notice in the middle of the month.