Are you looking to hire a professional property management team for your property in New Mexico?

Corner Post Company, LLC is a full-service property management company that excels in terms of customer service and maximize your return on investment. We have served our valued clients for 23 years, making it our mission to bring them peace of mind.

We are based in Albuquerque and manage over 400 properties ranging from single-family residences, large luxury homes, and small to medium apartment complexes. These properties are spread over the Greater Metro Albuquerque, Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and the Los Lunas areas in New Mexico.

As a property owner, you want to entrust your property investment to someone who has the experience, competence, and in-depth knowledge of property management. We understand that need very well and have sharpened our professional skills and expanded our marketing knowledge for more than two decades.

Hiring us will result in more free time and greater income for you. We market your property to fill vacancies swiftly and guarantee high-quality tenants. We ensure timely rental payments each month and the comfort of knowing your New Mexico property will be in good and capable hands.

Corner Post Company LLC’s Owners Benefits

1. Avoid Vacant Units

Every property owner knows that marketing expertise is the key to expediting revenues and reducing property expenses. Corner Post Company LLC has spent our decades in the industry developing an effective marketing program. We make ourselves available for property viewings at your convenience.

We know on which sites to promote your New Mexico property online. As trusted experts of the Greater Albuquerque area, we also have a thorough knowledge of the demographics to match your property specifically. This is advantageous for property owners. Identifying the right target market means that marketing resources are not wasted. This will mean we can reduce your vacancies quickly and help you maximize your ROI.

2. Find Great Tenants

Every property owner knows that finding the right tenant is critical to your investment’s success. This requires tenacious research and assessment in terms of an applicant’s financial resources and accountability. At Corner Post Company, LLC we look at all applicant’s past rental history and references. We examine potential criminal records as well to protect your property and other tenants as well.

Most importantly, Corner Post Company, LLC complies with the Fair Housing Act to ensure no applicants face discrimination in our tenant screening process. We offer everyone an equal opportunity while still remaining detailed in our tenant screening process.

3. Easy Rent Collection

Most property owners will understand the exhaustion of monthly rent collection. If you have several properties in New Mexico then this can quickly overwhelm you. The advantage of having a property management team on your side is our investment in advanced technology. This makes our rental collection system far more efficient than self-management.

Corner Post Company, LLC offers various methods of rent payment. We aim to make it easy for clients to meet their monthly rental payment obligation, allowing them to pay with cash, checks, money orders, or online.

4. Repair & Maintenance Contractor Discounts

Repairs and maintenance are demanding aspects of property management. Between tending to tenants’ requests, addressing property damages, and finding professional contractors, you’ll quickly find yourself short on time and overwhelmed.

Corner Post Company, LLC takes these burdens from your hands and manages all kinds of intricate situations related to property upkeep. We have the professional skills to resolve emergencies quickly with our vast network of licensed repairmen. This means less stress for you while we make sure your property is always in good order.

5. Investment Finances Made Easy

Having a rental property requires detailed financial record keeping. This is beneficial during tax season. It’s also reassuring to know the performance of your New Mexico real estate investment.
Corner Post Company, LLC provides our clients with an online Owner’s Portal that you can access 24/7. This system allows you to track your financial records online and view tenant payments, monthly statements, and profit/expenses reports.

What Makes Us Different From Other Property Management Companies

Corner Post Company LLC has more than two decades of experience in real estate. We take pride in increasing the growth of our property management portfolio. As a family-owned company, we specialize in giving personalized attention to your New Mexico property. We care about generating positive feedback and maintaining our reputation as one of the leading property management companies in the New Mexico real estate industry.

We dedicate ourselves to eliminating as much stress from owning a rental property for you as we can. We guarantee that we’ll provide you with full support and guidance when it comes to managing your property.

We consistently work on maintaining our clients’ satisfaction and practicing excellence in our craft. Give us a call today at (505) 265-1241 to start working with us. We’ll optimize your income and take the stress off of managing your New Mexico rental property.