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Protecting Assets for absentee owners is our specialty! Whether an "Absentee Owner" or just "tired of being a landlord" you will find our services useful!! Corner Post Company is the best in "Management" for OWNERS and RENTERS!

Two service plans are offered by Corner Post Company to cover all of your needs!


  1. Initiate and place all advertising
  2. Answer all inquires from ads.
  3. Personally show property and/or use electronic lockboxes and interview prospects.
  4. Verify financial capability
  5. Screen past criminal history
  6. Screen past rental history
  7. Run "Credit Report Check"
  8. Sign lease with new tenant.
  9. Collect "Move in Monies".
  10. Release lease, monies and Tenant information to OWNER who now has a responsible screened tenant moved into the property without any stress or inconvenience.


  1. Acquire TENANT using the procedure outlined under the LEASE AGREEMENT PLAN above except for number 10.
  2. Answer all tenant complaints.
  3. Maintain constant liaison or cushion between OWNER and TENANT.
  4. Make irregular inspection visits to the property.
  5. Keep owner advised of appearance and condition of property.
  6. Supervise (if needed) any repairs or maintenance of property.
  7. Collect rents and render monthly reports and payments to OWNERS including direct deposit of owner's money if desired.



One half (50%) of the first full months rent!


Ten (10%) of the gross income of the property + $3.00 per month administrative fee

All fees are subject to New Mexico Gross Receipts Taxes.
Corner Post Company is a member of The National Association of Residential Property Managers

NARPM is a professional organization that promotes education, designations, and networking as a resource to empower its members with knowledge and a NARPM member honors and subscribes to a Code of Ethics and Standards of professionalism.


  • Over 4000 Members Nationwide and internationally
  • Local Chapters Offer Educational Programs and Guest Speaker Luncheons
  • Affiliate Vender Member Programs
  • Monthly Educational Newsletters
  • Midyear and Annual Education Events

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