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Summer Care Tips
Summer Care Tips
  • DRINK: This is the most basic of things to remember. When it’s hot, you sweat; when you sweat you lose vital salt and minerals your body needs to function. Add water or other nutrient rich beverages to your body throughout the day because If you feel thirsty – you are already dehydrated.
  • summer tips for residentsSPREAD IT ON THICK: It can take as few as 5 minutes for a sunburn to set in. Aside from the known pain and skin damage, a sunburn also causes the body to lose fluid and lower’s your ability to naturally cool down. Adding anything SPF 15 or higher to protect exposed areas of the body greatly adds to your protection.
  • ENJOY WITH FRIENDS: Use the “buddy system” if you will be in the heat for prolonged periods of time. It’s safer and it’s more enjoyable anyways.
  • WATCH FOR HIGH RISK SITUATIONS: Everyone is susceptible to negative effects from the heat, but some are at a greater risk. Pay special attention to:
    • Infants and young children
    • People over the age of 65
    • People who are overweight by a great degree
    • People who engage in a lot of activity, but not always in outside environments
    • Anyone with a condition of any sort
  • ACCLIMATE: Although it feels nice to feel some air conditioning after being outside, changing from one extreme to another can wreak havoc on the body. Give some time between changing extreme temperate before you do anything strenuous.
  • MODERATION: It’s no secret that some cold beers or mixed drinks on a hot summer day feel like a match made in heaven. While this can be fun, try to keep perspective on your alcohol to water ratio. Also try to avoid drinking heavily during peak temperature points during the afternoon.
  • summer tips for residentsFUR ABSORBS HEAT: Don’t forget about your furry friends – make sure that your pets not only have water readily available, but make sure you notice them drinking from it every so often.
Symptoms on Heat Stroke Treatments
  • Above 103° Body Temp
  • Red, hot, or dry skin without sweat
  • Quick pulse
  • Throbbing headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • DO NOT give the person fluids to drink
  • Get the person out of the sun
  • Place the person in cool water
  • Use a squirt bottle to spray them down
  • Monitor body temp. until it regulates
  • Lay the person on their side
  • Call for emergency assistance

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  • Summer Care Tips
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