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Ways to beat the summer heat

5 Smart Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is here, and with it comes summer air conditioning bills and some potentially miserable outdoor conditions.  

Sure, it feels great to have your air conditioning running constantly to keep your house cool, but it utterly drains your wallet. If you’re smart, however, you can avoid running your air conditioner 24/7. Take advantage of several tactics for beating the summer heat without watching your energy meter spin out of control.

Here are five strategies you can employ to keep those energy costs nice and low.

Block sunny side windows. Sure, sunlight streaming through a window looks beautiful, but those sunny rays bring pure heat into your home.

The best strategy you can use is to cover up all windows on the sunny side of your house. The more dense the covering, the better, but even a simple curtain is better than nothing at all. Every little bit of direct sunlight you block from entering your home will keep your home just a bit cooler and allow your air conditioner to run a little less.


Leave windows open at night. Most nights, outdoor temperatures drop below the level of your air conditioning, so take advantage of it. Open your windows and let the cool air blow in.

Start doing this as early as possible, even in mid-spring. You might wake up to a cold house, but that means the house will be cool as the day warms up. The chill might be enough to prevent you from turning on the air conditioning all day long, which can be a great money saver.

Run ceiling fans the right way. A ceiling fan can be an inexpensive tool for keeping your home feeling cool, but it won’t cool down unless you set it to spin counterclockwise. Most air conditioners have a simple switch setting to make this work.


Blades that spin counterclockwise cause a downdraft and move air in the middle of room. This creates a simple wind chill effect, cooling skin and making higher indoor temperatures tolerable. We can set our air conditioning system at 78 or 80 degrees F with all the fans running counterclockwise in our home and the atmosphere feels fine, but without the fans, it feels very stuffy above 74 degrees F. That’s a huge daytime energy savings on a hot day.

Take cold showers multiple times a day. Cold water is cheap. Take advantage of it to cool yourself off, and take a quick cold shower a few times a day. The cost is minimal, and it will greatly lower your body temperature.  

Plus, because you’re a bit cold when you get out, you’ll feel just fine in warmer temperatures for a while, so you won’t need to blast the air conditioning nearly as much to feel comfortable.

Cook outside. Ovens and stovetops can heat up a house quickly, making an already warm kitchen stifling. No one wants that.

Instead, cook your meals outside as much as possible. Get a grill and prepare lots of grilled food. You can cook anything on a grill, from pizza to burgers and vegetable medleys to spaghetti. 

Cooking outside keeps all the heat outside and doesn’t cause your air conditioning to run overtime just to eliminate all the cooking heat you create. 

Summer energy bills can really be a pain, but if you use smart strategies like these, you can keep your air conditioning on a lower setting and save yourself some real cash this summer without having to suffer through a hot house. Keep your body cool and your budget low at the same time and when fall arrives, you will have enjoyed a great summer without breaking the bank. 

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Wash windows inside and out. Wipe down the sills. Sweep porch and deck, as well as around doors and windows to get rid of cobwebs and debris.

To revive drab drapes, take them down, remove hooks and run them through an air-fluff cycle in the dryer with a damp towel (to attract the dust) for 15 minutes. Re-hang immediately. Wipe blinds with a damp cloth. Dust your home thoroughly. Take everything off shelves, tabletops and dressers to dust. Now is also the time to get to all the places you've been neglecting throughout the year, including ceiling fans, above kitchen cabinets and baseboards and doorways. Move furniture away from walls and clean underneath. Clean upholstered furniture. Vacuum pillows, as well as underneath the cushions. Look for stains and clean according to the care label.

Clean inside the refrigerator. The best cleaner is a combination of abrasive salt and bubbly soda water. If there's lime buildup around the faucet, lay paper towels over the fixture and soak it with vinegar, letting it set for one hour. The deposits will soften and become easier to remove. To clean chrome, glass or stainless steel appliances, fill a spray bottle with a mixture of 50 percent rubbing alcohol and 50 percent water. Use a toothbrush to remove softened food from around the burners, knobs and dials on the stove top. Set your oven to self-clean. Be sure to wipe up major spills before setting it to self-clean. Organize your pantry, and throw out any expired foods.

Spray a generous amount of bathroom spray or pine cleaner onto the shower or bathroom walls. Allow cleaners to stand while other work is being done. Then go back and start scrubbing.

Over time, mattresses can wear unevenly. So, extend the life of your mattress by vacuuming it and turning at least four times per year, alternating between end-over-end and side-over-side rotation. Launder bedding and pillows. If you change bedding for the season, air out the spring blankets before putting them on bed. Store winter bedding after having it cleaned

Wash out trash cans. To really clean garbage cans, spray them with a hose and dump out the water. Next, spray the inside with a disinfectant spray, scrub with a handled brush and rinse. Leave them upside down to dry.

New Online Payment Information

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Halloween and pumpkin bagels, pumpkin ice cream, mountains full of beautiful yellow, gold and red leaves, hot air balloons, Oktoberfest, cooler temperatures and time changes.


October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Early detection is the key to survival so, ladies -  make that mammogram appointment today!  And, gentlemen, urge your wife, significant other, mother, sister, girlfriend, friend that happens to be a girl to make the appointment.


Lift up prayers for those that are fighting their battle against cancer and praise God for the survivors!

Summer Care Tips
Summer Care Tips
  • DRINK: This is the most basic of things to remember. When it’s hot, you sweat; when you sweat you lose vital salt and minerals your body needs to function. Add water or other nutrient rich beverages to your body throughout the day because If you feel thirsty – you are already dehydrated.
  • summer tips for residentsSPREAD IT ON THICK: It can take as few as 5 minutes for a sunburn to set in. Aside from the known pain and skin damage, a sunburn also causes the body to lose fluid and lower’s your ability to naturally cool down. Adding anything SPF 15 or higher to protect exposed areas of the body greatly adds to your protection.
  • ENJOY WITH FRIENDS: Use the “buddy system” if you will be in the heat for prolonged periods of time. It’s safer and it’s more enjoyable anyways.
  • WATCH FOR HIGH RISK SITUATIONS: Everyone is susceptible to negative effects from the heat, but some are at a greater risk. Pay special attention to:
    • Infants and young children
    • People over the age of 65
    • People who are overweight by a great degree
    • People who engage in a lot of activity, but not always in outside environments
    • Anyone with a condition of any sort
  • ACCLIMATE: Although it feels nice to feel some air conditioning after being outside, changing from one extreme to another can wreak havoc on the body. Give some time between changing extreme temperate before you do anything strenuous.
  • MODERATION: It’s no secret that some cold beers or mixed drinks on a hot summer day feel like a match made in heaven. While this can be fun, try to keep perspective on your alcohol to water ratio. Also try to avoid drinking heavily during peak temperature points during the afternoon.
  • summer tips for residentsFUR ABSORBS HEAT: Don’t forget about your furry friends – make sure that your pets not only have water readily available, but make sure you notice them drinking from it every so often.
Symptoms on Heat Stroke Treatments
  • Above 103° Body Temp
  • Red, hot, or dry skin without sweat
  • Quick pulse
  • Throbbing headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • DO NOT give the person fluids to drink
  • Get the person out of the sun
  • Place the person in cool water
  • Use a squirt bottle to spray them down
  • Monitor body temp. until it regulates
  • Lay the person on their side
  • Call for emergency assistance
Beloved Father
Tammy Golding
Jim Irwin

We are sad to announce the passing of our dear father and Co-founder Jim Irwin. He died peacefully on July 4, 2015, just 6 days prior to his 90th Birthday. Memorial Services are scheduled for Saturday July 18, 2015 at 10:30 AM at Cornerstone United Methodist Church, 3905 Las Vegas SW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105. Please visit for the complete obituary. 


As one of the oldest cities in America, Albuquerque has provided a home for humans in the Rio Grande Valley for many centuries and is rich with history and culture. In modern times, the city has worked hard to be the best place to live, work, and do business in the United States. 

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  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
  • Summer Care Tips
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